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Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.

Strategic Partnerships for school only






It is necessary to improve the quality of education system in order to give appropriate answers to the modern society : employment, stability, democratic and responsible partecipation in the social life and in a globalized world. These chances have to be ensured to everybody also to students with fewer opportunities as required by Europe Strategy 2020.

The project is the result of an attentive evaluation that all partners have implemented inside their school communities, using the CIPP model. It has provided useful information to identify needs and target groups to address it. The data analysis showed that an increasing number of students with behavioural , social, economic and linguistic problems achieve incomplete skills.


The project aims to:       


Preventing and fighting discomforts and subsequent drop-out promoting the acquisition of life-skills.

Implementing interactive methodologies  by ITC use .

Promoting the dissemination of innovative practices within European schools.

Supporting the awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity  within Europe through virtual  and not virtual exchanges of partecipants  in the project.

Training " flexible adaptive thinkers"

Improving students and teachers’ linguistic skills

Promoting educational training aimed to foster an efficient social integration using inclusive approaches.

Supporting  teachers and students in the development of OER.

Placing the differences of each one at the centre of the educational processes so that everyone becomes builders of own competences and able to give a value to  its own life

Encouraging teachers and students to take  future individual mobility initiatives and   class exchanges



Making  Institutions aware of the  project  issues that will be supported by Erasmus+ funding

Involving  communities for a more project efficacy

Promoting a more united society

Encouraging the development of projects and European policies

Ensuring commitment to Erasmus+ programme through a relevant and dynamic project.

The project will involve Italy, England, Estonia ,Greece ,Poland, Spain, Lithuania, Portugal. The partners have been chosen on the basis of previous European collaborations ( England and Poland) and through the e-twinning platform. They have got skills, interest and enthusiasm that are essential for the  project success. Besides  in all school communities that will take part in the partnership there is  a large number of students with behavioural, linguistic, economic and social difficulties. The selected partners have international experiences as partecipants and project managers in European project. That will be an added value to the project. The activities planning is based on a specific WBS definition. It will point out the relationship among the project aims, functions, and roles of all actors involved. The activities will be developed  in the field of active citizenship aiming to inclusion, solidarity and cooperation. They will be organized in three themes: sport, eating and environment relevant for students' interests and so more winning.

Each activity will be divided in tasks  reported in the GANTT CHART

Activities will be carried out through collaborative approaches in formal and informal settings:


Cooperative learning

-Problem solving

-Learning by doing

-Role playing

Workshops, seminars, events, visits connected to the activities will be organized in each country and association, Institution members and testimonials will take part in them. Promotional gadgets will be delivered during the events.

Students will developed  knowledge ,competences and responsibilities. Besides they foster metacognitive learning, start up research processes and develop positive relationship.

Activities will be monitored continuously thanks to the project website, social media and Mobility Tool that will provide detailed information about the project in progress. The organization and management structure is the result of shared choice of division and coordinating of tasks as you can see in the attachment "Planning functions".

The community will be integral part of competences coproduction.

The project will have a positive impact on students,  teachers and community by:

improving  social, linguistic and digital competences.

improving disadvantaged students integration in the community

spreading  common inclusive practices in Europe thanks to the project implementation

improving  specialist methodologies  with international comparing thanks to Erasmus+

good practices will be integral part of school curricula

strenghtening  network of relationships on the territory

giving to school a European dimension

The project will help to social,economic cultural growth of the whole society thanks to the development of knowledge, competences peculiar of human life. ERASMUS PLUS PROJECT 2016/2019

Exchanges of pupils through Europe. Open mind travelling around Europe!